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Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish?

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Gary Renard


Author’s Notes


PART I:   Life of Mikey

Chapter 1   Masshole Mike

Chapter 2   Go West Young Man

Chapter 3   Dude, Where’s My Jesus Fish?

Chapter 4   Meeting Gary Renard

PART II:   A Course in Miracles and the Spiritual Community

Chapter 5   Arten and Pursah’s Keys to Understanding A Course in Miracles            

Chapter 6   Arten and Pursah’s Take on Other Teachings

Chapter 7   A Course in Miracles – Teaching, Borrowing, and Compromising

Chapter 8   Those Who Seek Controversy…

Part III:   The Quotes

Chapter 9   Jesus, Jeshua, Y’shua, or J, or How ‘bout J-Dog?

Chapter 10  Forgiveness as a Way of Life

Chapter 11  Forgiving What Gets in Your Face

Chapter 12  Unconscious Guilt: The Root of All Evil

Chapter 13  Definitive Statements

Chapter 14  The Crucifixion, Resurrection, the Second Coming       

                    of Christ, and Oneness                     

Chapter 15  The Unreality of the Body

Chapter 16  The Illusory Nature of the Universe

Chapter 17  Spiritual Healing

Chapter 18  It’s About Time

Chapter 19  The Tools

Chapter 20  The Funnies

Wrapping this Puppy Up

Index of References

Mikey with Gary Renard and Cindy at the ACIM Conference San Francisco, California  February 2011    


"What Mikey has done with this book is create a valuable tool for directly accessing Course concepts (as taught by Arten and Pursah) in a topic-based fashion. Additionally, he has added his rather colloquial insights which make this book a light, humorous read, a refreshing change from most Course-related materials. My first book, The Disappearance of the Universe, is frequently referred to as the 'can opener' that helps students open the rather heady A Course in Miracles book. Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish? is like a cheat sheet that helps you make the grade. If this book turns more folks onto A Course in Miracles - and I expect it will - then we have Mikey to thank for growing our beloved Course community and helping us all to get Home."
~ Gary Renard, the best selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality

"Mikey's straight talk and irreverent, humorous style, in addition to his obvious understanding of A Course in Miracles, make this book a perfect companion to The Disappearance of the Universe. Well done, and giddy-up brother Mikey!"
~ Gene Bogart, Producer and Co-Host of The Gary Renard Podcast

"I love this book. I love the style. The humor is wonderful. Mikey gets it! Our ONLY function here is the radical forgiveness taught by A Course in Miracles. No compromises; no ifs, buts or ands."
~ Doris Lora, Ph.D, Berkley, California

"Giddy Up Mikey's wonderful book maintains total fun while being totally true to the oh-so-helpful pure non-dual metaphysics in Gary Renard's 'ACIM can-opener' books. It stands on its own as an enjoyable read, an introduction to the importance of quantum forgiveness and a stellar collection of his well-organized and profound quotes from Renard's work. If you've read ACIM and/or Gary's books, so much the better, and your appreciation of DWMJF will be even more meaningful. If not, you're still in for a treat and this might be just the 'grudge door opener' to prompt further exploration in the realm of undoing the belief in separation. Full disclosure: Mikey is a dear friend, always a joy to be around (often the trigger for uncontrollable laughter in our study groups), and a great example of kindness and thoughtfulness. I would have written the same review even if I'd never 'met' him and shared lots of great times, though! :-)"
~ Bruce Rawles, Castle Rock, Colorado, Author of The Geometry Code

"Dude Where's My Jesus Fish? as a whole is just as cool as its title suggests. The book is arranged into two main parts. First is a spiritual autobiography where you'll find out just what a cool, funny guy - who isn't afraid to march to the beat of a different drummer - and author Mikey is. The autobiography section recounts Mikey's journey to finding A Course in Miracles. After that is a collection of some of the best quotes from Gary Renard's great books on A Course in Miracles combined with some commentary from Mikey. Mikey is a master at picking out great quotes, and the quotes he picked for this book give a great overview of the thought system of A Course in Miracles. Mikey does an excellent job mixing in plenty of humorous, helpful side examples to emphasize his points throughout the book. I especially enjoyed the Seinfeld side examples. It is well known that a fool and his money are soon parted. So, since it is inevitable anyway, you might as well part with your money now and get something useful and of value out of it by getting this book. (LOL)"
~ Alexander Marchand, Naples, Florida, Author of The Universe is a Dream


"This book was written by my good friend, Mike Lemieux, aka Giddy Up Mikey, just Mikey, or as I sometimes call him Michael Robert! And let me tell you, thanks to Mikey, I'm getting all this God business on a deeper level! Mikey could have been nicknamed the Quote Master Flash because that guy can pick the quotes and arrange them in ways that'll blow your freakin' mind! This book is a gift to anyone who picks it up. Oh, and the other really cool thing about this book is you can judge it by its cover! Its got the coolest cover I've ever even seen, I tell you! I mean, who doesn't want a book called Dude Where's My Jesus Fish? laying around on their coffee table? I know I do, and here's an interesting historical fact, I was the very first customer! And I'm not only satisfied, I'm stratisfied!"
~ Dawn Sechrist-Burkett, Sherman, New York

I must say I am enjoying reading Dude Where's my Jesus Fish? The collection of quotes from Arten and Pursah are very well organized and relevant to each other, emphasizing the down-to-earth simplicity and power of their teaching. It is very definitely worth reading this book as a refresher course and reminder of what A Course in Miracles is all about and how to properly apply true forgiveness in your life. Mikey's light-hearted humor comes through on every page and makes for an easy read. Thanks Mikey!
~ Paul West, Watertown, Wisconsin, Author of I Am Love

"The 'DU' is the can opener for the Course and Mikey's 'DWMJF' is the down and dirty tool bag to get you Home sooner! As you know, the Course Book is quite large but Dude is not and you can easily find what you need to help you when you have a 'forgiveness opportunity' staring you in the face or churning your stomach! It helps me to turn my mind back to thinking along the lines of the Course instead of the downward spiral of judgment, blame, and guilt, which will keep me trapped here on psycho planet forever! The first part of the book is Mikey's physical and spiritual journey from New Bedford, Mass to Ashland, Oregon. It's short and easy to read and it's hilarious! The second part of my book is now highlighted, bookmarked and, unfortunately, getting a little 'dog-earred' as I sometimes carry it to work with me for those times when I need an attitude adjustment.....mostly every day! LOL You can't lose in buying this book. This book is a keeper!"
~ J Bridgit Tyler, Springfield, Oregon 

"I have been constantly amazed at the insight shown by Mike Lemieux as we have shared an ACIM/DU study group experience. The depth of his knowledge about the material in The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, and A Course in Miracles surpasses many that I know who have been studying this spiritual path for years, myself included. Mike has a wonderful capacity for using his insights in daily life. His willingness to share those insights with this book blesses this upside down world."
  ~ Terry Miller, Medford, Oregon

"After reading The Disappearance of the Universe, I started practicing the radical forgiveness it taught, and it helped me return to being a full time student of the Course. But I found it's not so easy to keep on track year after year. Mike Lemieux has compiled a fairly complete review of the quotes that stirred me deep down and set me back on course to true forgiveness--and eventual peace of mind. Both of Gary Renard's books are accessed in this work, and send the gentle reminder that Gary's teachers emphasized in his second book, Your Immortal Reality, to help those who are dedicated to Jesus' message of forgiveness being the fast way home, stay on track. 'We want to help keep people focused,' they said, and I'm assuming it was with a smile. Mikey has helped make that easier with a book that I can keep by my nightstand for a fun reminder to forgive it all at the end of the day!"
Jonathan Joshua, Ashland, Oregon

"I found Mike Lemieux on Facebook because we had a couple mutual friends. I had seen this book on Gary Renard's website and so I decided to give it a try. I knew it would be funny in part because Mike is a funny guy, but I did not expect it to be SO helpful. The way that the book is arranged is so clear-cut and easy-to-read and it was exactly what I needed both times I read it. I barely had the energy to form a complete thought, but Mikey had done all the work for me. This book helped me shift my perception so many times and perhaps, just as importantly, it made me laugh!  Great book for anyone who loves the The Disappearance of the Universe, as well as new students to the Course and even the veterans :)"
~ Danielle Boonstra, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

"I've been studying the Course since 1988. I read some of Mike's posts on Facebook and was very impressed and decided to order his book. Well, I took out my yellow highlight marker and proceeded to read and mark. Halfway through I noticed that every paragraph was highlighted. This book is phenomenal and it has cleared up many issues for me due to its simple and impeccable approach. I'm sharing it with our Sunday group in Florida and the world on Skype. I'm buying several copies to give to the group. Thank you Mike." 
~ Gerson Migliacio, Deerfield Beach, Florida

"After the experience of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish? is like having the wash and rinse cycle rolled into One." 

~ "Jewel" Julia Day, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

"Beautiful book dear Mikey and am SO pleased to have a copy. Wonderful reference book, outlining different topics, easily to read through on each chapter. Thank you dear Mikey for your constant help in my dream...SO much love and gratitude."

~ Denise Burley, London, England

"An enjoyable read and oh so relatable. If you like profound and funny at the same time, this is your book." 
~ Phyllis Goodrich, Brooklyn, New York

"Thank you so much for being such a fan of Gary Renard's to take the time to put together an excellent short-cut reference book to his two books, The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, and to add a dash of your own fun sense of humor thrown in to make me LOL."
~ Annette Pignalosa, Perth, Australia

"I've read Dude Where's My Jesus Fish? and passed it along to other members of our ACIM study group in Merchantville, NJ. I enjoyed getting to know you through its pages. What I liked best was your gathering of quotes from A Course in Miracles and Gary's books according to topic. I've used Dude in our group to reinforce and clarify our discussion in some of these areas, and will continue to do so. You are the cross-referencing champ!"
~ Elaine Paulson, Merchantville, New Jersey

"I truly found Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish? wonderfully humorous, well written, and rather inspirational. Gary's books excited me from the very beginning and really opened up a whole new world of understanding of my studies of the Course in Miracles material; they made studying the Course more pleasurable and doable. Your 'cataloging' of the The Disappearance of the Universe/Your Immortal Reality conversations has successfully done the very same thing, which I appreciate. Added to your charming New England colloquial sense of humor, I looked forward to every page. Like you and Gary, I too am a great movie fan, as well as a fan of the classic Seinfeld TV series, so I especially enjoyed those comments and comparisons. Thanks for, Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish? It's a real keeper!"
~ Kurt Lumpkins, Ennis, Texas

"This book is FANTASTIC! I started to highlight things from The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard and realized that I would run out of highlighters! Thank you Mike for putting this book together! This compiles all the things I was trying to highlight from Disappearance! This book makes it easier to reference info by subject! I also appreciate the easy to understand everyday language and humor! I don't feel like I am being "preached to." The language in the book makes you feel, and confirm, that we are ALL on an equal playing ground! Humbling and very comforting."
~ Sue & Bob King, Mishawaka, Indiana

"Mikey has compiled a masterful and timeless spiritual document in his book Dude Where's My Jesus Fish? As time goes by and more and more people ask the question 'There's got to be another way?' this book will be a fantastic read which gives insight and answers this question straight up. A delightful and insightful book in its own right, also a wonderful companion to Gary Renard's Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality,and also to A Course In Miracles, and a must for all those who are seeking to go Home."
~ Enda Hennessy, Cork, Ireland

"Although being introduced to the Course fairly recently, it sure has changed my life! I just finished Dude Where's My Jesus Fish? and as I finished, I turned to the first page and began again. What a great read! Thank you again, you and your book have really helped me on my spiritual journey! I find your sense of humor and comic relief incredibly funny, and look forward to your next book. Giddy up!"
~ Laramie Lake, Spring Creek, Nevada

"I enjoyed Mike's book so much. I love the way he explained everything....it's to the point and no messing around. I like that. I had read The Disappearance of The Universe by Gary Renard twice then read Mike's book and it lead me to Gary Renard's other books and CD's. I am so happy to have all these tools for my spiritual growth. I am finding it all truthful and helpful. I'm finding so much more happiness now with the truth. I thank this author for helping me to have so much more of an understanding of A Course in Miracles now."
~ Linda O'Connell, Leesburg, Virginia

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